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If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

But the reality is it’s HARD to sell in today’s economy, and it’s even HARDER to find relatively quick and reasonable systems for training sales professionals to do so.

At Sharpenz, we’ve worked with hundreds of Sales Managers and Trainers, Company Presidents, and HR Managers over the years. Some have put on successful trainings for their sales people, and others have put on less-than-successful trainings. Over time, we’ve noticed trends come and go – and we’ve discovered EXACTLY which techniques hold the staying power; that is, which techniques boost sales.

You don’t have to fall victim to the latest trends. We know which techniques will help your salespeople make their sales and meet their goals.

We know all this not only because we’ve worked with hundreds of Sales Managers and Trainers, Company Presidents and HR Managers, but also because we’ve done it ourselves.

And we want to share with you our secrets for success.

But first …

Who are we and why should you listen to us?

Sharpenz is a provider of 30-minute, ready-to-go training kits designed to engage, energize and equip sellers to sell more today. Our sales boosters are designed for the leader to be prepared in 10 to 20 minutes and delivered in a 30-minute format (which is expandable to 60 to 90 minutes).

Co-creators of Sharpenz, Alice Kemper and Nancy Bleeke discovered years ago that together, they have a robust offering.

When Alice started working as a sales consultant 26 years ago, she noticed managers were stressed finding ways to motivate and equip their sales team to sell each week. It was quite different from her experience as a sales manager for American Greetings and Harte-Hanks Communications. For Alice, Monday morning sales meetings weren’t merely meetings … they were 45-minute workshops that had sellers raring to go make as many contacts as possible. Alice’s team’s sales performance track record exceeded the others.

Meanwhile, Nancy Bleeke worked for Advantage Bank and BRIO Toys hiring, training and coaching sellers and managers. She heard complaints from sellers that they needed help if they were going to sell more. They wanted more from their sales managers – resources and opportunities to grow and earn more. Nancy transitioned to consulting 12 years ago, helping companies increase sales by providing the right tools and training. She developed quick sales boosting workshops to accommodate companies who couldn’t take their sellers out of the field at length.

These short workshops dovetailed perfectly with Alice’s short sales meetings. Sharpenz was born.

If your salespeople aren’t performing as well as you know they could be – or if you know they could use more training but you can’t afford to make a huge time and money investment in it – then chances are you haven’t found the right training tools yet. That’s what we specialize in.

We are going to teach you exactly how to get your salespeople motivated, and give them the training they need, on our FREE webinar, “Get Your 2010 Back on Track – 3 Simple Steps to Double or Triple Your Sales.”

Here’s what you’ll learn on this webinar:

If you know either Nancy or Alice, you know we know our stuff. Sharpenz is the result of years of experience in sales – and we are burning to share that experience with you – so you don’t want to miss out on this groundbreaking call.

“Get Your 2010 Back on Track – 3 Simple Steps to Double or Triple Your Sales”
June 15th/1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific

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